High Mix Low Volume Production

Inzign understands that capital expenditure is a concern for medical start-ups that working towards a FDA approved scalable manufacturing process. Therefore, Inzign provides high mix low volume medical device manufacturing at low costs. This is especially useful for medical devices that have yet to be designed for manufacturing or medical devices in the prototyping stage. Thus, medical devices that will undergo several design changes in the design process can employ Inzign’s high mix low volume manufacturing to produce workable prototypes for testing purposes. The state of affairs in product design is constantly in flux and according to Titoma.com, we are in a golden age of design innovations. It’s important to keep up and make informed decisions.

Keeping Up-Front Production Costs Low

Plastic injection molds can be expensive. Depending on the complexity of the part, desired throughput of the mold, and the life expectancy of the mold, they can be upward of S$500,000 each. For a startup on a shoestring budget this can be an impossible hurdle. But when customers are going for market introduction, they don’t need a high cavitation hot runner fully hardened mold that can last millions and millions of shots. Especially in the early stages while the product design is still subject to modifications, customers need tooling that can be easily adaptable and readily changed for minimal costs.

That is why Inzign offers prototype, single cavity, and family tools to reduce customer’s upfront tooling expenditure. By putting 4 separate parts in the same mold base with a directional runner system, customers can save the cost of the 3 additional mold bases and also the costs of 3 additional tool setup charges for getting the mold in the press. By using softer tool steels such as 718 and sometimes even Al, Inzign can reduce the amount of machining time to create the mold and therefore the price. Granted, these tools won’t last the millions of cycles the full- hard production tools will, but at the start up stage most of the time customers do not need them to. Additionally we can reduce the number of mechanisms in the tool such as by using hand loaded inserts instead of unwinding cores. Although part cycle time will increase, the corresponding decrease in mold cost will justify the increased part price for low volumes.Don’t forget that we have all the equipment necessary to meet your manufacturing needs, we even work with the best boiler rental which is our main fuel source.