Tool Design & Fabrication

With the best mold design in hand, tool design fabrication begins. Inzign believes in producing only high quality tools designed and built to work effectively. Inzign promises products that are delivered on schedule at competitive prices. Decades of mold design experience result in tools built for quality, performance and reliability. At Inzign’s in house tooling room, tools are manufactured precisely using machining methods that have been refined over the decades. With the combination of both standard machining and EDM, Inzign is able to make complex tools without compromising on surface finishes and according to tolerance requirements.

Inzign has the capability to fabricate molds for high manufacturability, long term production, high precision and high cavitation, or use in a Full Hot Runner System.

Inzign has proven capabilities to build:

  • 1 – 128 Cavity Molds
  • Unscrewing Molds
  • In Mold Labeling Molds
  • 2K Mold, Overmoulding Molds
  • Insert Molding Molds

Inzign tooling facilities include:

  • Die Sinking EDM
  • High Speed CNC milling
  • CNC Lathe
  • Conventional milling
  • Surface, cylindrical & jig grinding