Mold Transfer Programme

With years of tooling expertise and an established system approach to tool transfers, Inzign makes mold transfer an easy and seamless process, eliminating worry and risk. Inzign assures minimal disruptions in production during mold transfer.

  • Shipment of customer’s molds to Inzign facility
  • Mold inspection and evaluation, including modification, debugging, and repair
  • Research on alternate ways to mold, assemble, or finish part
  • Research on alternate mold designs and tooling to improve efficiency
  • Scientific molding-based diagnostics
  • Molding machine analysis
  • Research on alternate mold designs to improve efficiency
  • Materials evaluation
  • Part-in-mold orientation review
  • Computer generated predictability study to identify areas in need of improvement
  • Immediate production response to meet short-term product requirements
  • Planned program implementation to meet long-term product requirements

Our Mold Transfer Procedure

Phase 1

Customer Side Mold Verification

Mold Inspection by Observation

Mold Functional Verification

Mold Conversion Procedure

Up Mold Analysis Report

Phase 2

Down Mold

Thorough Quality Inspection includes all critical Dimension

Generate Quality Report for Customers

Receive Feedback from Customer

Take Action against Feedback

Extention mold-care and mold-maintenance program.