Mold Flow Analysis

The key to an efficient production lies within the mold design used. Inzign’s i-Centre was founded on this premise that outstanding design capability backed by advanced technology provides the best performance. At the i-Centre, a dedicated and experienced team of design engineers brainstorm and come up with potential mold design to use in production.  Mold flow analysis is then conducted on these proposed mold designs to determine the effectiveness of each mold design. In the mold flow analysis, a computer model of the mold is constructed and analysed.

Important data such as fill time, air traps, injection pressure, and quality predictions are determined during the mold flow analysis. Using the data found, potential failures during production are identified and corrective action can be taken to eliminate them. Finally, after ensuring mold works flawlessly and at its best, the best mold design for production is ascertained. This finalised mold design is then sent for production.