How To Confront A Catfish: 6 Steps To Get It Right

Another huge giveaway that something’s off is if your romantic interest only has professional-looking pictures on their profile. Most people on social media — celebrities and influencers excluded — mainly upload pictures taken by family and friends and some selfies. Catfishers are generally excellent at tricking their victims.

As Marissa’s caregiver, her aunt chose to create a fake Facebook profile to show her niece the dangers of having online relationships, but instead was shown a side of her niece that shocked her. It has become an increasing problem as social media and dating apps have risen in popularity. If you are starting to see through the cracks in your partner’s stories or maybe you are swimming in a sea of red flags and obvious lies, it is time to do some research. Don’t jump to conclusions and think you’re getting catfished just because you can’t verify certain things. But, if you can’t verify things and you’re running into some other fishy stuff, you might want to dig a little deeper or drop the ultimatum to meet up or video chat a little sooner.

And, if they are unable to meet your time frame, stop letting them make excuses, cut off contact, and move on to the next person. It’s about self-respect, and if you let people walk all over you, they will. Even if it’s not a catfishing, it’s not fair to you to have to wait around for months just to get some face time with someone who is supposed to care about you. Courting is a fancy old person word for dating or getting someone to like you. This process obviously can take time and can take a little longer than usual if both people dating are busy people.

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If you notice that someone is not who they claim to be on a dating site from their actions and your discovery, you should block and report them. A good dating site would do whatever is necessary to remove such a person from their platform and retain their integrity. By submitting your email, you agree to our Terms and Privacy Notice. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. You may want to be generous, especially if you’re in a new romantic relationship, but think about your best interests first.

By suggesting to meet up, but if it feels right, sooner is better than later. Setting up a coffee date within the first week of talking with them is totally acceptable if they seem to be into it. If your chats go on for a few weeks, however, and there’s no chance for a meetup in sight, something isn’t right. People want to trust those they interact with online and in real life. If a person believes he or she is on a date with someone being deceptive, things tend not to progress to a second date. For instance, you could enter their given name and see the places where they appear.

There are several reasons for catfishing like personal insecurities, money schemes, and wanting to hide a real identity. Thanks to us, you can rest knowing that you can identify what is catfishing when you’re online, and how to outwit a scammer. A catfisher is someone who sets up fake online profiles on dating platforms, so they can trick people into a sham romance. The reason why a catfish sugar baby does this is obvious – developing an online relationship and ultimately asking for money.

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Catfishing is when someone online pretends to be someone they are not. Usually, they’ll take on someone else’s identity by using their name, photos, and anything else they can get their hands on. When this spills over into the online dating world, it can get painfully ugly. Imagine talking to someone and maybe even falling in love with someone only to find out later that they are not who they say they are. This is catfishing, and it’s nothing short of cruel.

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In fact, I guarantee that you’ll be deactivating profiles left and right by the end of this article. There are individuals out there who pretend to be someone they’re not by using social media sites and profiles; the act of creating a fake identity, usually to scam someone, is called catfishing. Romance fraud is also popular, with catfishing preys in the dating scene. The person who creates the false identity is the catfisher, and the person getting lied to is the victim getting catfished. This is the most common reason for sugar babies to start catfishing. Maybe they don’t have a steady job, are neck-deep in debt, or simply wish to live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of others!

A common romance scam in online dating is known as the oil rig scam. The concept of the oil rig scam is that catfishers will use the excuse that they’re working on an oil rig to explain why they can’t call you or why they can only talk at certain times . Oil rigs also do not allow cellphones in certain areas, so overall it’s a pretty good excuse that covers most reasons for their irregular and limited communication.

Needless to say, “James” didn’t get the girl and Tiana lost her best friend. They wont Skype or use a webcam to talk with you, they often text, prefer telephone contact or they repeatedly cancel in-person meetings at the last minute. The best background check will be able to discreetly see if what they’re telling you is the truth. One thing, which many people do not often think about, is a background check. This indicates that they probably aren’t the person in the pictures they’re using online.

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Facebook catfishing generally starts with sending a friend request to the victim. Sometimes the catfisher sends a direct message, hoping the victim will answer. Once the victim responds, the perpetrator will reel them in with sweet-talking and fake stories. There are quite a few other Facebook scams out there, so it’s best to remain up to date and arm yourself. Catfishing mainly takes place on social media platforms and online dating sites or apps.

If it doesn’t seem like a person is using their true identity, they probably aren’t. While some catfish will refuse the bait to meet you point blank, others will enthusiastically make plans with you — only to cancel time and again. If you’re unsure whether a person is who they say they are, conduct a Google reverse-image search based on the photos they’re using. If you find out the photos are linked to someone else’s profile, you’ve likely exposed this person’s lie.

Or maybe they just want you to send some sort of gift card. They are likely dudes in South East Asian countries who want to build an online connection, then they will suddenly hit you with, “I’m having an emergency, please send money.” Jocelyn’s commenters weren’t overly shocked to hear that she’d encountered a catfish. In fact, many shared that they, too, have been catfished.

Eventually, I found out an older woman from Michigan had been faking an identity and interacting with several teenage girls in this online community. Below, we’ve gathered the signs that indicate you’re being catfished, complete with insight from former catfishing victims. I might be the outlier here , but I want to meet up in person sooner rather than later with a match. I don’t want to spend days/weeks texting with someone if they are a catfish or are just one of those people who like to mess with others for the fun of it.